As a member, can I see the committee minutes?

I have received a question from a subscriber in the United Kingdom.

I have asked to see the minutes of a committee meeting of our local sports club. I am a member. They are not normally distributed however they have sent me a copy but it is not the version that was approved at a committee meeting. It is a heavily edited version that was altered by the chairman and the secretary without the approval of the committee. Is this an acceptable practice?

Absolutely not – this is not an acceptable practice! The chair and the secretary should not be altering the minutes – they belong to the meeting, not the chair and secretary.
Also if you are a member, you should have access to the entire minutes – it is just good governance.
The ONLY reason people may not give you the full minutes is that there is something they don’t want you to see.
I suggest you ask more questions and let others know your concerns.
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